Watch YouTube videos in sync with your students!

The time for screensharing videos through Zoom is over.

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Person standing next to a browser window with a video.

No Quality Loss

Say goodbye to the blurry and outright terrible viewing experience of screenshared videos. Watch in good quality.

No Audio/Video Sync Issues

Watch videos without conflicting audio and video tracks. Since synkify uses YouTube's own embeds, there is no delay in audio/video.

Ease of Use

A simple interface allows students to understand and use synkify easily. Just share the link and start watching!


Create a room.

Use the dashboard to create a brand new room with a title and the link to YouTube video you want to play. Don't worry, you can edit these parameters later.


Visit the room link.

When your room appears in the list, click the link to open the video. This is where you'll be accessing the video controls to pause, play, or change the current timestamp.


Share the link with students.

Once you have the host video link opened, click on the "Copy Link" button on the top bar. You can now share this link with your students via CMS or through the chat box in your video-conferencing software (eg. Zoom). That's it!


Hey, I'm Amanvir, the high school student behind synkify! After sitting through countless Zoom meetings where my teachers would screenshare documentaries or plays with poor quality, lag, and constant audio/video sync issues, I'd had enough. That's when I decided to create an app that allows teachers to share amazing media as a supplement to their teaching, but an app that doesn't compromise on delivering the best viewing experience for students.